It was presented on Sunday, October 29, the world premiere, as a special event out of competition of Alice nella Città – Autonomous and Partial Section of the Rome Film Festival – BEYOND THE SUN, the family film with the special participation of His Holiness Pope Francis.

The idea of ​​the film, produced by AMBI Media Group by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, was by Pope Francis, who asked the producers and the director to make a film for the children who communicate the message of Jesus all over the world.The Pope “attended” the Premiere, sending an email during the press conference: ” Thank you very much. I wish the film a big success with this presentation – Bergogli writes in Spanish language – It means that he will go very well, I pray for that. Please don’t forget to pray for me and that Jesus and the Blessed Virgin bless you. Affectionately, Francesco.Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi, co-founders of AMBI Media Group, funded and produced the film, with the guidance of religious advisor Monsignor Eduardo Garcia, Bishop of San Justo and FIAC Assistant General, and co-producers Graciela Rodriguez and Gabriel Leybu. Pope Francis has offered to take part in the film to support charity, in fact all the profits of Beyond the Sun will be donated to a charity – El Buen Samaritano – that helps children at risk and the children in difficulty.Written and directed by Graciela Rodriguez, Beyond the Sun is a family adventure story, where children from different cultures emulate the apostles searching for Jesus in the world around them. The movie has an uplifting intent and is committed to spiritually encouraging the audience of all ages to convey the words of Jesus, to understand and live a better life, making good choices and helping others.The film was awarded with the Capri Educational Award of the 22nd edition of Capri, Hollywood, the International Film. The award was given to the argentine director Graciela Rodriguez for his social commitment, by Contessa Marina Cicogna and Tony Renis (Capri Institute in the world), before the beginning of the screening.Graciela is a psychiatrist who has worked since 38 years and in 11 countries helping victims of abuse and disasters, working with the Argentina Church to Prevent Child Abuse.

The product of these synergies is “a moving film with a simple and engaging language that communicates, to the younger and not only, a message of faith, hope and great courage.”

Andrea Iervolino commented: “This film is a film to support, which brings the word of God and of Jesus into the world, and wants to come to all, children and adults, and we want to propose it in many screenings at schools cinemas, but it will also come out in all the other channels, halls, webs and tvs since it is a film made for one purpose: charity. “

 The film produced by AMBI Media Group in collaboration with Raven Capital Management and Paradox Studios. AMI (Ambi Media Italia) will distribute the film in Italy at the end of 2017.


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