Andrea Iervolino created his own brand to better identify his style. His philosophy expresses new form of luxury inspired by his world: Cinema.

The production strategy is to have the Highest Quality Luxury Goods and Exclusive Design.

The mission is concentrated towards celebrities, VIP, higher income groups, and the business class.

The soul and brand identity is totally focused around the mind of Andrea Iervolino. The success of the brand is dependent on his status symbol. Without him the outcome of the company can’t be determined successful.

The new brand has two different profiles:

THE PRODUCER is oriented on a luxury lifestyle and it includes fashion design, interior design, skin care and much more.

Concept: Formal – Business – Events

Production value: High Class and Luxury


STAR PRODUCER is more accessible and it oriented on a daily life.

Concept: Casual – Free Time – Sport

Production Value: MEDIUM – HIGH



In collaboration with







CHIC is a Romanian Fashion Brand famous around the world. After more than 25 years in the fashion industry, Vali Cioban continues to shape the style of Romanians and foreigners alike. Through her creations, the designer encourages people to be the hero of their own story and celebrate each unique day through a unique outfit. Every Chic by Vali Cioban design conveys an emotion, having been designed with love and passion by skillful hands.

Vali Cioban is creating a Luxury Capsule collection for Andrea Iervolino to add value and provide an high profile to the brand THE PRODUCER.

Andrea Iervolino and the fashion designer decided to collaborate to this project during a business meeting in Arad, where Iervolino visited her show room and he felt in love with her amazing “Haute Couture” outfits.


Andrea Iervolino introduced the Brand during the 90^ Annual Academy Awards.

The suit is created by CHIC by Vali Cioban, a Romanian fashion designer specialized in Haute Couture.